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Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities

Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities

by Chrystal Evans Hurst

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“Forget About It” and Live for Today. Here’s Why.
Do you want the secret to your life as a kingdom woman of excellence? Here it is: a short memory coupled with a clear direction. If you are going to live in excellence, you have to forget yesterday. Whether it was good, bad, or ugly, if it’s yesterday, you need to let it go. When you carry yesterday further than you ought to, you ruin today. If you ruin today, then you spoil tomorrow.

Press On
If anyone should have been held hostage by yesterday, it would have been Ruth. She knew what it was life to be young and married, with plenty of food, and to live in a culture that understood and accepted her. She also knew what it was life to lose her husband and leave her homeland with nothing to her name. But if Ruth had continually wallowed in both the good and the bad of her yesterday, she wouldn’t have had any mind left to be excellent in her today.

Ruth was woman of excellence because she was not held hostage to yesterday. She knew how to press on.

Have a Tomorrow Focus
You are to learn from yesterday, but don’t live in it. The way to get yesterday out of today is to do what Paul said--to have a tomorrow focus: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on . . .”

When you see something in your rearview mirror that catches your attention as you are driving, it slows you down. Your attention is now focused on what is behind you rather than on what is up ahead. As a result, you lift your foot off the accelerator and slow down. Yet when you set your focus on what is ahead of you, you are able to keep your foot steady on the accelerator and move forward. As you do, what is behind you gets smaller and smaller until it eventually fades away. You don’t get rid of yesterday by talking about it all of the time; you get rid of its effect on you by moving forward.

God told Israel that He had a future for them, and it was a good future flowing with milk and honey, meaning it was an abundant future. God delivered the Israelites out of Egypt. But Egypt never got delivered out of the Israelites. They kept looking back over their shoulders at what they used to have. They lived a yesterday life. In fact, they discussed yesterday so long and so often that God gave them another forty years in the wilderness so they could discuss it some more. The Israelites failed at a life of excellence because they were bound to a life of yesterday. A spirit of excellence is a spirit that presses on, grows, learns, repents, and makes the most of the day that is has been given.

Excerpted from Kingdom Woman by Dr. Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst, with permission by Tyndale House Publishers, in partnership with Focus on the Family. © 2014

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